Different climates but cooling is always important

My fiance and I have lived in many different parts of the country. Every place we have lived has had a different climate. Some places we have been have had very cold winters and cool summers. Others have had cool winters and very hot summers.  Some locations have even had a balanced mix of hot weather and cold weather, while still others have had mild temperatures all year long. We have found things to enjoy about all the climates we have lived in. In the colder areas we learned to enjoy skiing and ice skating, while in the warmer areas swimming was our go to activity. Wherever we have lived, coming in from the outdoors to a house kept at a comfortable temperature is key. In the northern climates with very cold winters, having a strong and reliable furnace was of most importance. We found there is nothing better than coming in from the freezing cold into a warm, cozy house. On the other hand, if we returned to our house to find the heater was not working well, we were very frustrated and uncomfortable. In the warmer climates, heating was not as important as proper air conditioning. Working up a sweat outside is great, but it is not so good if you can’t find cooling relief indoors. A reliable air conditioning system was of utmost importance in these hot areas, not just for my fiance and I but our pets as well. My dog loves walking and running outside, but in the hot areas he would quickly get tired and overheated and need to cool off inside. If our air conditioner was not working properly, he would lay down and pant for hours. I felt so bad when I noticed this happening one summer and immediately called our local A/C business to get an upgrade.

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