Discovering Heated Floors

There are no young children in my family anymore. In fact, most of my nieces and nephews do not even live near their parents anymore, so Christmas has changed a lot. My oldest brother’s wife died two years ago, so he does not have anyone home for Christmas. My other brother lives a thousand mile away so he spends Christmas with his wife and friends. My sister is single and can’t travel due to health so she cannot get together. Well, this year, I suggested we all split the cost of getting a cabin in the woods, so that is what we did. The woody cabin was so lovely. There was snow, which was beautiful to gaze upon and play in. I went ice skating and snowboarding and built a snowman. The best thing about the woodsy little cabin was the fact that it came with heated floors. Heated flooring is such an incredible form of heating for any home. Forced air heating, which is the most common type of heater where I live, is inefficient and the air coming out of the air vents dries out my sinuses and throat. The heated floors in the little rental cabin in the woods, though, gave the whole place a warm cozy feeling, from the ground up. The air was just as warm as that which spews out of air vents, but it wasn’t sinus-harmful. I also noticed that I did not have such a dry throat. When I got home, I read about heated flooring and discovered that it is considered much more efficient than central heating, which is the heating and cooling that everyone I know uses. I am considering getting heated floors installed in my house next time the HVAC company recommends upgrades.

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