Discovering leaks in the ductwork are to blame for heating issues

I love to grow things.

Over the years, I have learned a great deal about managing different types of plants.

I started growing a few indoor plants to see if I could expand my abilities. I chose 3 types of plants that appealed to me and took care of them as best as I could. I was conscientious about following the directions I’d found online for watering, fertilizing and hours of sunlight. Once the weather began turning colder outside, I made sure to move the plants away from the cold window panes and any drafty areas. The further the outdoor temperature dropped the worse my plants began to look. Their leaves were turning brown at the edges. I wondered if I was doing something wrong. Everything I had read suggested that I was doing everything possible. I considered this might be caused by a problem with the heating system. I paid closer attention and realized that the temperature varied from room to room. There were certain rooms that felt much warmer than others. The plants were located in a room that I rarely used and I’d failed to realize how much cooler it was in there. I moved the plants to a warmer area and then called an HVAC contractor to check out the furnace. With a thorough evaluation he came to the conclusion that my ductwork was leaking. I needed to have the duct system sealed to prevent the heated air from escaping. This process was completed in a few hours and was definitely worth the investment. My house is now nice and warm and the furnace maintains a consistent temperature throughout. The plants have responded and are once again looking healthy and happy.

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