Diversified taste in furniture

I don’t know all that much about fashion or art, I have no idea in the least what is popular or culturally relevant. I only know what I like, plus that guides all of my decorating moves. I have been described as “eclectic” on numerous occasions, plus I suppose this is the word people use when they are not trying to call me “weird.” I don’t mind being called weird, though, because I am! This is what sets me apart from most others, from the way I dress to my interior design choices. Once upon a time I lived plus breathed French genre furniture, plus that is all that I would have in our dwelling… But times certainly change, people change, tastes develop, plus slowly I started getting into a more rustic meets traditional flavor of interior decor. I have stayed with this genre ever since that time, because I honestly feel that it allows us to use handmade furniture plus local culture as a way to connect us to history. There are so many wooden chairs you can find at the flea market, for merely a few bucks, that were handmade decades ago plus are as strong plus sturdy as ever. This historical factor is pretty much what sets it apart from the mass produced high ended furniture pieces that so many people pass off as being classy items. My goal with interior design is to easily let people see that fantastic furniture doesn’t have to be overpriced, or imported, plus the artisans of days gone by are where the true treasures are found. Don’t be scared in the least to be electric, or strange, in your taste in handmade furniture.

Handmade chairs