DIY HVAC repairs

One thing that’s always tripped me up about DIY home repairs is the process of cleaning and maintaining your own heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. I’ve read countless articles online about how “any average joe can do it”, and that the entire system can be cleaned and maintained with a little know-how. I think “little” is the keyword here, because I wouldn’t use that word to describe the extensive training and certification that all HVAC professionals must undergo! I still remember reading one article about how to perform a complete furnace inspection, all by yourself. The article started with the writer saying that disassembling the furnace was easy once the power and gas line was cut off. If you’ve never tried to cut power to an appliance, or attempt to shut down the gas line for your stove or heating system, just don’t do it! Leave this kind of work to a professional in the heating and air conditioning industry, as toying with the circuit breakers can be disastrous if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. Plus, even if you succeed in making sure you don’t shock yourself as you remove the exterior of the furnace, the firebox inside the furnace can still burn you if the system was just up and running! If the hot interior doesn’t burn you, the actual burners that generate heat could burn you as well. I can’t stress this enough – if you’re hesitant to perform your own heating or air conditioning repairs, just hire a pro to do it. Your bills will pale in comparison to what you’ll pay in hospital bills after you injure yourself trying to do it on your own!

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