Do I want a portable or a window air conditioner?

I have a window in the front of the apartment

For the last two years, I have been living in my uncle’s basement. He does a lot of travelling for business and he was paying someone to house sit his home and his dog. I have a fully furnished basement apartment that has two bedrooms, a full bath, and HVAC. I get my rent for free and all I get a discount on my energy bills. I even get really low internet because my uncle has a business internet service which means it is faster and more reliable. I don’t know what else I could want from an apartment. Some of my friends think I am pathetic that I live in my uncle’s basement, but I love it. The heating and air conditioning has a lot of help so my bill for these is extremely minimal. There is a good amount of natural insulation from the build up of dirt that is surrounding the basement. I have better insulation than what is in the main part of the house. Even if I didn’t use the air conditioning, the geothermal insulation still keeps me fairly cool and comfortable. In the winter, all I need is a small space heater and it stays warm and cozy. I have a window in the front of the apartment. I was using a window air conditioner for quite some time, but recently the air conditioner died. Now I am facing a dilemma about what kind of air conditioning I want. I can get another window air conditioner, but I am considering purchasing a portable air conditioner instead so I will still have a window to use


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