Do your research

I don’t mean to complain… but here I go. I have lived in my modern house for about several years on end now. The heating system is an old school radiator system that often works fine, but not always. Then, in the warm season there’s no air conditioning system at all for me to use. The old heating system really needs to be substituted out for good at this point. It breaks often. At least once a year. When it does break down, it generally takes the landlord a nice week or so to even acknowledge he needs to get the problem fixed. That’s a week in the middle of Winter without any source of heat… Not ideal. Then in the warm season, I can’t very open up all of my windows because they are totally painted shut. All these little things add up to a hot season, and the building has numerous apartments contained in it. I would guess the landlord is getting plenty of money to be able to do at least just a few of these substitutes. I’m not sure what the issue is right now with that. I’ve complained numerous times and there has been no extra change produced in the status of the heating or cooling situation. I’ve previously decided it’s time for a change, and ever since then I’ve been looking for a new house ever since. I haven’t even found the right place yet, despite the firm fact that I do have some conditions. First, I need to be sure we have air conditioning system in the new place. Second, I would savor a landlord who actually takes really nice care of their property and renters and has very done substitutes in the apartments they own to make them pleasant to live in.

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