Does everyone feel welcome?

When I realized that my sister’s home had an infestation of pests, I panicked because I was house sitting for her.  I couldn’t exactly leave because she has animals that needed to be taken care of. It seemed like every time I turned around, I was pulling off my shoe wot squash a bug, it was gross.  I would sit and watch them crawl behind the bookcase, refrigerator, and even into the air vents for the HVAC system. After about a week, I had enough. I called an exterminator and the HVAC company that she had written down in her book.  The exterminator came and sprayed around the house but when the HVAC technician arrived, that is where the real problem came up. You see, I’ve realized over the past week that roaches not only like dark nooks but they are also quite fond of air ducts. When the technician took off the cover he found a nest of them and a huge amount of larvae. I was totally grossed out! I told him I would wait outside while they cleaned the entire system, ductwork and all.  They used a huge vacuum to scrub all of the vents and then put a repellent inside them to avoid any future infestation. Good thing my sister left her credit card because the bill for both services was a little high. But, she now gets to come home to a clean house that is pest free so she should be grateful. After that encounter, I made sure to schedule my own cleaning of the ductwork in my house too.