Dog Grooming HVAC

My daughter recently started a dog grooming business and it is growing by leaps and bounds. She figured out that she was really good at grooming dogs by taking care of our own dog, and now she’s managed to turn it into a pretty profitable business to do on the side while she’s going to college. I’m pretty proud of her since it’s something that she’s really good at and she’s been working hard at it for about six months now. The only trouble with the dog grooming business is the way it’s affecting our heating and air conditioning bills in our house. See, she does the dog grooming in our back sunroom and the sunroom has never had very good ductwork sealing in there. I think the insulation is poor, also, and it seems like all of the heating from our gas furnace along with all of the A/C from our central air conditioning unit just seems to leak right out of the windows and doors in there. And now that she’s grooming dogs in there, she complains that in the wintertime the little dogs get too cold so she’s always wanting to turn up the thermostat in the room. Unfortunately, we don’t have zone control heating and air conditioning. I’m thinking about installing it, though. Or we might even get a ductless mini-split for the area so she can control her own temperature while she’s working. I don’t know, but I think we might have her pay for at least part of the heating and A/C upgrades out of all of her profits from the grooming business!

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