Dog is baffling – seeking heat

I will admit, I’m one of those annoying people who can’t stop thinking or talking about my dog. I am completely obsessed with the little guy, because no one is more loving, trustworthy, or loyal than him in my entire life. I adore my old buddy and I only want the best for him in every way. That’s why I took notice of his strange behavior last week and was immediately concerned that there was a serious problem. It began in the brisk fall mornings, when I would wake up and find that he wasn’t laying at the end of our bed like usual. Rather than laying in his warm, soft bed, I would find him on the cold, hard floor in the or sprawled out on the chilly tiled bathroom floor. He appeared to be quite content, but acted a bit guilty when I caught him lounging in these strange locations. It only continued throughout kitchen the week, and I was having to go searching for my dog in the house everyday after that. I honestly could not figure out what was going on with him. I was just about to bring him to the emergency vet when I happened to sit down on the floor next to him one day and realized what the hot issue was… the heat. My old dog wasn’t acting irrationally, in fact, he was intelligently seeking out heat sources throughout the house. All of his new favorite spots were conveniently located next to air vents, and my wiley dog was soaking up every ounce of warm air from the furnace that he could find. These days I’m less worried about him, afterall, I bought several space heaters so he can always lay comfortably in his favorite places.

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