Dog messing with the heater and air

When my roommate & I adopted a cat a few weeks ago, the people I was with and I didn’t have a clue what we were in for! The two of us were told that the cat we intended to adopted was legitimately smart & sneaky, which we saw as positive qualities, since we weren’t interested in having to train a young kitten.. The two of us have been loving having our little guy as the new addition to our household, however as of late his sneaky tricks have been getting the best of us. Our cat is consistently trying to save & store all of the extra treats that my roommate and I supply him. The two of us never had any idea where he actually hid all of these treats, until the other morning when the heating & cooling unit stopped finally working in the middle of the night. The two of us awoke to a different screeching sound & there was smoke coming out of the heating & cooling unit. When I headed downstairs to take a better look at it, I noticed our cat laying on my foot and looking legitimately ashamed. If you’ve ever seen the look that an animal makes when they know they’ve done something they shouldn’t have, you’d have recognized the look on my cat’s face immediately. The HVAC heating & cooling service tech that later came out told us that there was dozens & dozens of cat treats that had been dropped down inside of the heating & cooling unit, then weeks of this had caused the heating & cooling unit to have drastic tears inside of the inner finally workings, rendering the entire unit useless. Thanks to our cat, I suppose that my roommate and I will now be switching over to radiant heated flooring!

HVAC rep