Doing everything I can to keep her cheerful, including covered in sweat

I guess I am the type of person who has consistently wanted to settle down & get married, but for as long as I can remember, I have dreamt of having a wifey & a house full of children.

I have been looking for my soulmate for my entire existence on this planet & I am pretty sure that I have found her, but because I have a lot of big plans in our future, I do everything that I can to make my lady cheerful. I want to make sure that we have a blissful life together. I will go out of my way & get as uncomfortable as possible if it will make her cheerful. I say this, as I sweat through my seventh shirt of the day. It’s only 10:00 a.m., the outdoor air temperature is 95°, & the humidity has been hovering around 85% for the past 2 weeks… Meanwhile, we cannot operate the central air conditioner plan inside of our house because my wifey is a verse to the sensation of cold, dry air washing over her body; Apparently, she does not appreciate new cooling systems in a way that most humans do. I did not recognize that she had a complication with air conditioner before we moved in together, then however, I am truly dealing with the air temperature discrepancy now. I do not want my future wifey to be uncomfortable so I have been putting up with her different control component settings, although it requires me to be a tepid & tepid mess all day. I know honestly disgusting without the cool, dry air passing through a central cooling system. I am especially anxious because she keeps commenting on not looking forward to a life full of perpetually tepid sheets. My air temperature passivity might be shooting me in the foot.

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