Don’t care about a/c

My favorite thing to do over the weekends is to go boating.  I love to fish, and since I live near the beach, there are a great many places that I can go out on a boat and do a little bit of deep sea fishing.  I have this really good friend who owns her own boat. I recently discovered that I am prone to sea sickness. My friend told me to go down into the cabin and rest in the air conditioning.  She told me that sometimes it is the smell of the sea brine that can cause this and the air conditioning washes the scent from your nose, and then you feel better. I think it is great that there is climate control on her boat, and that I was able to find out that the AC helps with the sea sickness.  Every time I feel it coming on, I retire to the cabin and I let the AC wash over me, and I feel better. I’ve given a lot of thought to buying my own boat at some time in the future. I already know that I will need to have a cabin with air conditioning, if I am to spend much time on the boat. It is a big investment, and I’m not really sure how much more it will cost me if I have the air conditioned cabin.  If I have the cabin, I can always get out of the sun and catch my breath. No one says that I can’t take along a portable air conditioner if the boat is mine.

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