Don’t Cool or Heat an Empty House

Does this sound familiar to you?  You come home from work to find a hot house, so you decide to turn the A/C on and adjust thermostat way down.  Of course, you are just trying to make your house cooler, and we all want to be comfortable.  So you adjust the thermostat down very low to get the air conditioning going more, and quickly.  These steps may turn on the air conditioning, but playing with the thermostat so much will cost you money.  Most air conditioners and furnaces only work at one speed. So lowering the temperature at the thermostat, past what you need for your preferred temperature control only makes the air conditioner run longer to reach your desired degree. As well, that practice at the thermostat will cost you money. Do you set your thermostat at a specific temperature setting when you leave the house for a few hours?  You should absolutely change your thermostat temperature setting when away for many hours at a time. After all, there’s no need to heat or cool an empty house, and certainly not to the same temperature as when you are home, right? Even consider using a smart thermostat. That smart thermostat will get accustomed to your schedule and adjust the temperature control to your liking.  With a smart thermostat, you will not be adjusting that thermostat yourself, saving you money in the future. As well, you will not be coming home to a hot house, because the smart thermostat will adjust the temperature as it senses the temperature change going on and will keep your home comfortable.