Don’t have nice enough wifi for a smart temperature control

I just don’t guess I am technologically savvy enough or smart enough for a smart temperature control, i do blame it on the WIFI in my lake current home though, however my internet connection is spotty at best.

  • I am always restarting the modem or messing with the router.

The internet always goes out late at evening as well as needs to be messed with in the afternoon, but can you imagine hooking up a temperature control to this? I would never be able to change the temperature in my home. I would never have strong enough or long enough of a connection to warrant this, then a smart temperature control also has a bunch of features that it can do through alerts. It can alert you on poor indoor air quality, nice temperature control settings, air filter changes as well as humidity levels in the home. My temperature control would never be able to do this. The alerts would get lost when the internet went out. Then I would never change my temperature control or guess if the indoor air quality is dirty or not. The greatest feature on the temperature control is that it learns a Heating as well as A/C program for the week, then for a week the homeowner sets the smart temperature control to heating as well as air. The temperature control learns what temperature you like, at what time as well as even in what room. Then it changes it day by day to match your schedule. My temperature control would never be able to learn all of this with the internet dying at evening… Or it might guess I want nothing at evening so I can either freeze or sweat to death! So it is not for me.


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