Don’t know much about heaters

So, I live in the south and have lived in the south most of my life… Just about everyone in our general local area has central air conditioner, which is very simple to operate! With central heating & cooling, you just have to make one decision, then you have to decide whether you want the Heating and A/C component to be set on heating or on cooling; The rest is even more simple than that. When I lived up north, as a little kid, I can still remember how much harder the oil furnace was than central air conditioner is here. With an oil furnace, our Dad called in the local HVAC service, & they came out to the home & filled up this giant  tank that was underground, however it was oil for the hot oil furnace. They also needed to go down into the cellar, which people here would call a basement, & light the pilot light for the hot oil furnace. If you didn’t light the pilot light, the oil furnace would not work at all, then my dad passed away when I was only a baby. So I am not sure, but I imagine that when he was alive he would have lit the pilot light for the oil furnace rather than paying someone to come do it; But our Dad either did not know how or was too scared to light the oil furnace at the beginning of fall each single year. I actually have no clue what a pilot light really does or actually even how an oil furnace works. I remember we had radiators in every room, & somehow the oil furnace heated them, & in turn the radiators would heat the rooms. That’s what I know about oil furnaces because I live in the south.