Don’t laugh, but I think my heating system is possessed by a ghost

I’ve always been a pretty superstitious individual.

It doesn’t take much for me to attribute something unexplainable to forces that are beyond our world. Many people think that’s just a delusion, but come on! Those same people will hesitate to walk under a ladder, or feel panic when they break a mirror. It’s not like I’m naming the forces that are causing discord in my home! However, I do believe it might be the same ghost causing so much trouble for me. I first noticed something was off when my thermostat would randomly change from heat to cool. I thought it was just a bug in the programming, but it kept happening – and it would always happen around three in the morning. If you didn’t know, that’s a notorious time of night for paranormal activity! So, I began to suspect something else was at play. When my heating system would suddenly turn on at max heat, I was really starting to worry! I can still vividly recall the other night, when I heard the furnace winding in the basement. It sounded like someone was increasing power to the heating system! Finally, the electric furnace cut out all at once. That’s it – a loud click, and then silence. I was convinced at that point! Now I just need to find a heating and A/C service technician that is willing to work on cursed equipment. Sure, he might come in and find a perfectly reasonable explanation. Then again… maybe he won’t.

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