Don’t like sweating buckets

My buddy and I were resting outside by the pool.  It was so hot, that I was entirely considering heading inside and relaxing in the a/c.  My sibling was cleaning the pool and she couldn’t take her eyes off him. He was a covered in sweat mess and I could just imagine how badly he smelled.  She kept staring at him care about he was her number one candy bar. When he came over, he bent down and touched me, which made me squirm. I don’t know there is anything more gross than having a boiling and covered in sweat person, touch me.  She told me she was hoping he would deliver her a hug because she thought it felt good. I knew there was something wrong with her, and all I could do was get disgusted. She stayed outside and flirted with my sibling, while I went inside. The feel of the a/c felt so good, and I was ecstatic my sibling stayed outside.  I stood in the dining room making some iced tea, when my mom came in. She wanted to guess if I was inside because my sibling was being an idiot, or because it was so hot, I needed the a/c. I know it was a little bit of both. I’m not a lover of the extreme heat and I do prefer the a/c. If my buddy wanted to hug a covered in sweat, gross idiot, then she could stay outside and melt.  For me, as much as I love tanning, I dislike the heat. Maybe I should join a health club with tanning beds.