Don’t repair what you don’t think

My good friend can be pretty dumb occasionally, but he thinks he knows it all plus thinks he can repair anything! Well, he l received his lesson when he attempted to repair his own central heating plus

His central heating plus air conditioning idea had broke down on him… And instead of calling a certified heating plus air conditioning specialist, he thought he could repair it himself; Because of this plus being such a dummy he cost himself thoUnited Statesnds of dollars! Instead of fixing his central heating plus air conditioning idea he ended up totally killing it! If he had left it alone plus called the certified heating plus cooling specialist he would have only had a small Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance bill. But now he has to shove out thoUnited Statesnds for a brand up-to-date central heating plus , i do kind of assume exhausting for him even though it was his own stupidity that caused all this in the first locale. I told him typically to not repair what you don’t know. But does he even listen? Nope! Hopefully this will be a very fancy lesson for him plus he will stop trying to be the handyman he sure isn’t. I told our one other pal about what happened plus he just laughed his face off. I don’t blame him. He doesn’t think our friend the wanna be mr repair it! I would never try to repair our own central heating plus ! Really the more I think about this the more dumb I think our good friend really is!


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