Don’t Rush to Buy EVery Smart Thing that Comes Along

But this new “smart” component has not been impressive.

I have a lot of concerns about the AI technology that we’re dead set on creating these nights. As a millennial, of course I like new amenities. I have smartphones & smart cars. I want to have a smart life for sure. But I also worry that the people I was with and I put way too much emphasis on getting the latest gadgets that can’t perform as wisely as the people I was with and I think they are going to. I have done the exact same thing. A few months ago I got over our pride & called the nearby heating, cooling, & air quality control dealership for temperature control help. After inspecting our Heating & Air Conditioning plan to look for energy leaks or problems, the tech couldn’t find anything wrong with our boiler or A/C unit. Following the advice he gave us, I thought I made the right option for our heating, cooling, & ventilation plan when I arranged for a smart temperature control component installation. He advised us that I could control our indoor heating, cooling, & ventilation plan from a distance, which I thought was a fabulous idea. I wanted to be able to turn off our indoor air temperature program when I knew no one was going to be at the house that day. But this new “smart” component has not been impressive. This stupid smart thermostat never stays in compliance with the temperature control programs that I establish. No matter what I set the thermostat to be, our actual temperature control preference, the a/c doesn’t stay appropriately set for more than a few nights. I can’t program the Heating & Air Conditioning settings to give us more palatable energy bills or control our indoor air temperature. I feel like an idiot about it.

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