Don’t service what you don’t know

My great neighbor can be pretty dumb occasionally, and he thinks he knows it all & thinks he can service anything! Well, he l gained his lesson when he attempted to service his own central heating & a/c.

His central heating & a/c had broke down on him, but and instead of calling a certified heating & air conditioner specialist, he thought he could service it himself! Because of this & being such a dummy he cost himself thoUSnds of dollars! Instead of fixing his central heating & a/c he ended up totally killing it! If he had left it alone & called the certified heating & cooling specialist he would have only had a small HVAC service bill.

But now he has to shove out thoUSnds for a brand new central heating & a/c! I do kind of know terrible for him even though it was his own stupidity that caused all this in the first locale. I told him constantly to not service what you don’t know. But does he even listen? Nope! Hopefully this will be a entirely costly lesson for him & he will stop trying to be the handyman he sure isn’t. I told our one other pal about what happened & he just laughed his face off. I don’t blame him. He doesn’t know our neighbor the wanna be mr service it! I would never try to service our own central heating & a/c! Really the more I guess about this the more dumb I guess our great neighbor entirely is!


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