Don’t use duct tape on ductwork

A name can be misleading. A prairie animal is a rat like thing, the symbol of America is the Bald Eagle, but it is far from having no hair, and whoever named the sweetbreads was out of their mind! Most misleading names are forgivable and have a perfectly valid reason for the name. They are accepted as part of the American history. But the worst misleading name is Duct Tape. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff because it can repair anything and everything. In the story of Apollo 13, a contraption made with cardboard and duct tape helped save the lives of the many men headed for the Moon in a wrecked spacecraft. What has frustrated me is that I recently discovered that duct tape is not designed to work with HVAC ducts. The reason is that the adhesive used in typical duct tape cannot handle the changing temperatures that Heating and A/C systems are subjected to. And I think I am not by myself on this, often using it as a quick fix on our home’s Heating and A/C system. It took an Heating and A/C expert to explain to me that there are products like Class 1 Flex Duct that work much better than typical duct tape on an Heating and A/C vent. These tapes have a cloth base and a special adhesive that can take the hot plus cold temperatures without wearing out and will firmly stick to rough and dirty surfaces. My next Heating and A/C service is due so I’m going to ask the technician to detach the old strips of duct tape from our Heating and A/C system.

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