Don’t want any coolant anymore

All traditional a/c units use some version of coolant, or refrigerant, that cycles through the idea plus goes back plus forth from a liquid to a gas as it pulls moisture out of air and cools it downl.  Although there are many different refrigerants on the market today, for years Freon, or R22, saturated the market plus was found in most residential Heating plus A/C systems. But 1987’s Montreal Protocol on substances that damage the ozone layer found Freon to do specifically that.  The US agreed to this finding, plus since 2010 it has been illegal to manufacture brand new R-22 in the country. However, until around 2020, it is still one hundred percent legal to buy repurposed R-22 or to bring it in it from other countries where manufacturing it is still a thriving business.  But after that date, no R-22 can exchange hands in the US, so many homeowners who still cling to their ageing Freon-based systems will be out of luck in just a few short years. Even if your unit is still performing in tip top shape, you will no longer be able to use it and will need a full replacement no matter what..  With that in mind, it’s relaxing to idea these sorts of installations far in advance if at all possible, since peak season in mid summer time is a harder time to find appointment windows plus sometimes twice as costly for the same work at a different time of the year. If you believe you’ll need to replace your idea soon, it might be pertinent to check with a local Heating plus A/C supplier to see what options are available for your residence.  

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