Drawing on our training

I don’t know what people don’t understand about the phrase “I’m poor,” but they truthfully don’t seem to believe I mean what I say. Whenever I state that I don’t have cash, that means I don’t have money to go out to eat, I cannot go on that long weekend trip with my friends. I also don’t have enough income to get myself a yearly spa membership. I thought those things understood without saying, but here we are…

            Last week, my therapist proposed  that I visit a spa to steam the toxins out of my traumatized body… Obviously, this seemed like a weird suggestion considering all I do is complain about my financial woes with her! That’s why I’m making my own sauna at my  condo to steam. The procedure was straight-forward enough, since I have a small bathroom that typically gets extra humid. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold cold outside or blazing hot, the bathroom is about 76 degrees as well as muggy as nothing else. I have trouble even feeling the AC when I’m in this bathroom, so I knew that it wouldn’t be a complication to turn up the air temperature and level of airborne moisture for my own use.

          … First I closed of the AC vent and air return entirely, so the room wouldn’t have any ventilation. I went out and bought myself a little humidifier, which I put in the bathroom to add excess humidity to the air. I also bought a small section heater, which I run for about an hour before I want to steam. That way, the room is very hot as well as humid by the time I step inside of it. I have to admit that I feel lighter and less toxic already.

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