Dreams and what they are made of

While my lunch was cooking in the side oven the other day, I decided to do some work in my dining room. Well, I had the air conditioning running that day because it was too hot for me to be comfortable otherwise. Honestly, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to my air conditioning system once I turned it on, and I must admit that now, I wish I had. As I walked out of the dining room long enough to check on my roast in the oven, since I knew that I should add some liquid so it didn’t dry out too much, my smoke alarm got my attention. It started to bleep loudly, so I thought that my lunch must be burning. But I knew that couldn’t be because I was in the kitchen right then. Well, I proceeded to go back to my dining room, where there was smoke billowing from the air conditioning system. I had no idea what I should do! I did turn it off, of course, and then decided to let it sit for a bit. Unfortunately, though, the smoke started up again. I saw a little bit of flame coming out of the back, into the air inside my house. In a panic, the only thing I could even think of doing was shoving the air conditioning system out of the window. I pushed out, as well as it landed on my favorite rosebush. It was fairly dry at that time, so I abruptly ran around my house and picked up the hose. I’m so thankful that I had the hose, because my rosebush was now on fire…and it’s right next to the house. I got the fire out but when I headed back into the house, I realized that my lunch was literally going up in smoke.