Drug store HVAC

I live in the desert area, and here, it is no longer respected to see independently owned drug stores, then Walgreens and CVS have taken over the market, however when I was young, just newly married, I got a gig at an older drug store, and it was absolutely a good job, and I learned so much about the world by working there! This was in the 1978, however at that store, there was an old store area in the back. I  learned that the storeroom was the bathroom for black people. There was also a root coors fountain just like you see on the cover of the Sunday Evening Post, however out front, there was this old sign proudly proclaiming “air conditioner inside.” I thought that was so weird, however someone told me it was leftover from the original building, when the place first opened, there was no such thing as heating and cooling in a shop such as that; However, the owners were very shrewd and as soon as they heard about getting air conditioner, they jumped at the opportunity. There was only 1 other drug store in the city, however they did not have cooling system, and everyone wanted to go to the one with that new-fangled cooling system. I do imagine that it would have been hot in there since they grilled burgers and such at the root coors fountain, and anyway, the sign was absolutely cute, and they left it up even though the store contained air conditioner for at least thirty years and all other stores used cooling system as well. It was a reminder of how long they were a section of the community, though, and the cooling system sign was also just plain cute.

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