Drunk AC repair gone wrong

Some people get violet and fight when they are drunk.

Others find a partner to take home at night.

I like to do home repairs while I am drunk. If I leave something for the professionals or to research later and attempt, that is what I like to tackle while intoxicated. I am way more confident with a few drinks in me. I have to stop this behavior though. I wrecked my AC system the last time I went out and got hammered. I came home and decided to do my cooling service rather than call a professional for the end of the week. I opened up the AC unit and cleaned the dust off the fan blades. I lubricated the fan motor belt and changed the air filter. I cleaned the cooling coil and removed the mold. There was algae in the condensate drain that I took care of as well. After it was all done, I stepped back and was proud of what I did. The next morning I woke up hungover and afraid to look at my AC machine. When I did, I realized that I totally messed up the air conditioner. I was too hard at cleaning my fan blades. All the blades are bent at awkward angles and the cooling system can’t run anymore. I need to get a whole new fan system. I over lubricated the fan motor belt to the point where it is dripping. The air filter was not a washable kind, but I cleaned it. So that is wrecked. I definitely made a big mess and have a future high AC repair.



Air conditioning expert