Dual classes during senior year

I’m so proud of my son, because he is taking classes at the technical college. Even though it’s his senior year of high school, he wants to be halfway through technical school when he is done with the year. Since he turned eighteen in the summer, there was no rule barring him from attending technical school after school. Jack attends high school every day from 7:15 until 12:30. At four, all of his evening classes begin. Monday through Friday, Jack doesn’t get home from night classes until after ten. He is studying to become a certified HVAC technician. Most of his classes are introductory courses on HVAC topics. He is trying to get the core classes finished now, so he can concentrate on his HVAC installation procedures. My son wants to be the person to install new HVAC units. Ever since we had a new HVAC unit installed in our home, Jack has been really interested in learning more about heating and air conditioning. To be honest, I’ve never seen Jack so excited about something. He is dedicated and driven, and he hasn’t missed a single class. Jack is getting good grades in all of his high school classes, and even better scored in technical school. I hardly recognize my son, but I can tell he has found something that really interests him. I’ve never felt more parent pride, then seeing my son want to succeed. By next summer, Jack will be able to start working for an HVAC company. He can intern with a local heating and air conditioning service provider, while learning more about the HVAC trade.