Duct cleaning improves air conditioner performance

I am very thankful that I went ahead and had the ductwork tested by a professional HVAC tech.

It had been over twelve years since the ductwork was taken care of.

I had been putting off the job because of a stressful schedule and the possible mess and cost. I realize that the optimum time had come and gone because the ducts were a problem. All of a sudden the cooling unit was having a hard time keeping up with requirements on especially hot days. The cooling system wasn’t providing as much air as normal, and I was pretty sure the ducts were to blame. I was suspicious that the pipes were clogged with pollutants. I finally scheduled an appointment, and when the HVAC pro tested the system, he told me that a large build up of dust and other debris was blocking airflow. The ducts were in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. The process took several to complete but was not as disruptives as I had expected. The HVAC tech brought in a piece of machinery that was similar to an industrial sized vacuum cleaner. There was a large brush attached to the end of a hose and he used it to dislodge the more difficult debris. When he was done with the duct cleaning process, he repeated the testing to prove peak performance of the system. The improvement was impressive. Once I started up the air conditioner, I could immediately feel the difference in the level of air flowing from the vents. It was able to lower the temperature in the house very quickly and provide more even comfort. The living environment now stays cleaner and even smells better. I have noticed a decrease in the cost of my energy bills. Since the air conditioner doesn’t need to run as long or as often, it should operate more reliably and last longer.