Ductless AC for kitchen and bedroom

I am thinking about getting a ductless mini split for the kitchen. In the summer I get where I can’t stand to cook in there. Not having any air conditioning access is just painful. All our meals are grilled outside. Sometimes I don’t feel like grilling. I would actually like to boil pasta or turn on the oven without sweating to death. A ductless mini split would not cost too much and be great in the long run. The mini split would not affect the main house HVAC either. It would only affect the room that has the air handler and thermostat. You can also add a bunch of units onto the mini split as well. Since my bedroom is directly above the kitchen I can do this. I can buy one ductless mini split and have an indoor handler in the kitchen and one directly above in my bedroom. I am going through menopause. Not having any cooling in my bedroom gets to be rough some nights. It would be nice having AC every time a hot flash comes on. Even in the winter a little cooling for those rough bursts would be great. Nobody would know or be affected by my AC settings as well. So now the next step is getting the ductless mini split system bought and installed in the home. It will really be a game changer for me. I can cook in the summer and sleep all year long with this investment. It will be a lot of work to get it, but totally worth it in the end.

mini split air conditioner