Ductless heat pump handles temperature control in workshop

I often check out flea markets, garage sales, antique stores plus estate sales, i’m looking for fantastic quality, antique furniture at a reasonable price.

I can often get a hardwood table, chair, dresser or bed frame cheap because it’s been painted over.

I like refinishing these pieces plus restoring them to their former beauty plus value. The process is work intensive, time consuming plus harshly messy. I start with a chemical paint stripper that creates a ton of fumes plus then transport on to laboring with the electric hand sander. This produces a great teal of dust… Once the furniture is stripped down to the bare wood, I need a clean environment in order to apply stain plus varnish. With the severe weather in my area, I need an indoor, temperature controlled space where I can work. I built a small shed in my backyard plus hooked it up to electricity. To handle heating plus cooling, I chose a ductless heat pump. This type of method is elegantly compact yet powerful plus provides year round temperature control. There is an outdoor compressor that is linked to an indoor air handler by way a conduit. The conduit houses the refrigerant plus drainage lines. The air handler is lightweight plus mounted high up on the wall. I’m able to control it through an app on my smartphone. I start it up about twenty minutes before I plan to work on a piece of furniture, plus when I step inside, my shop is perfectly comfortable. The ductless method features something called inverter technology that allows it to regulate speed to accommodate adjusting demands, because of this, it maintains a genuinely consistent temperature plus is exceptionally energy efficient. It’s also helpful that the ductless method filters contaminants out of the air plus combats excess humidity.


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