Ductless heat pumps are a versatile solution to temperature control –

One of the most versatile types of heating and cooling units is a ductless split system.  A mini split system consists of a single outdoor compressor and one or more indoor air handlers.  While the installation of a traditional, ducted HVAC system can take several weeks and require tearing into walls, ductless units require nothing more for installation other than mounting capabilities, a hole in an exterior wall and access to electricity.  Most often, a ductless system can be up and running in a single day, with no mess or disruption to the home. They offer a permanently installed replacement for ugly space heaters and inefficient window air conditioners. They are the perfect solution for home additions, new construction projects, and for targeting specific rooms.  One of the main benefits of a ductless heat pump is the overall cost savings. The small, yet powerful heating/cooling components operate on far less power than conventional HVAC. Rather than a combustion process and ductwork, the ductless unit simply moves heat from one place to another, delivering temperature-controlled air directly into a room.  This eliminates energy losses and allows zoned control. Plus, modern ductless systems feature inverter technology, which allows the equipment to adapt capacity to changing demands in the home. The system runs at lower speeds for lower cycles to optimize efficiency while also providing more evenly distributed comfort. Another advantage of the ductless system is multi-stage filtration, which actively traps dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens and particulates.  The ductless system keeps the home nice and clean, helps with indoor air quality, and operates quietly.