Ductless heating and air

People love to share news, good or bad. You don’t have to know someone long before they are sharing an experience that they have had or someone that they know have had.  Oftentimes these interactions go like this: one person begins explaining their experience and the other person in the conversation listens and then tells their version of the same experience. Sharing our experiences help people to learn about new and interesting things. When I discover a new product that I’m satisfied with, I will share it so that other people can have the chance to consider using it themselves. Lately, I like to share how toasty and comfortable our radiant floor heating is in our home. I begin by mentioning that there are two different kinds of radiant floor heating systems. The simply constructed water based radiant floor system runs hot water through pipes to create heat.  The water based radiant flooring is more often installed during the actual construction or remodelling of a home or living space. The electric radiant system uses wires to generate heat underneath the floor. I often remark that installing wired radiant flooring in the bathroom feels wonderful and is a hassle-free process. The electric radiant floor system is also more cost efficient to install than the water radiant system. Both work essentially the same by heating a room from the floor to the ceiling without using forced air and supplying even heating in the space.

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