Ductless mini split is perfect solution to temperature control for remodeling project

Wanting to create a much bigger master bedroom, my husband and I recently renovated a screen porch into living space.  We tore down the wall between our existing bedroom and the porch to make one, very large room. Since the screen porch was not insulated or weatherproof, there was quite a bit of work involved.  We needed to tighten up the space, extend the wiring, install overhead lights and outlets and add some windows. We also struggled to determine how best to handle the heating and cooling needs. Our former bedroom was equipped with supply and return vents linked to the duct system.  There definitely weren’t not enough vents to sufficiently handle temperature control in the larger space. Extending the ductwork would have cost a great deal of money and sacrificed precious space. Plus, we doubted our furnace and air conditioner could keep up with the demands of additional square footage.  We finally hired a local HVAC contractor for recommendations and a free estimate. He checked out our project and immediately suggested a ductless heat pump. This type of mini-split system includes an outdoor unit linked to a compact indoor air handler. The air handler mounted up high on an exterior wall and required little more than access to electricity and a three-inch hole for the conduit.  Despite its small size and slim profile, the ductless heat pump is powerful enough to achieve ideal year round temperature. It runs on electricity, is wonderfully energy efficient and provides both heating and cooling capacity. The ductless mini split is the perfect solution to comfort in our new master bedroom.

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