Ductless Mini Split System And How it Works

When the pandemic broke out, I along with all the people else in the office was forced to transfer everything from my desk into my house.

I didn’t even have a official office set up when I was sent home, so you can imagine the chaos that ensued for many weeks.

I thought I’d only be working from beach house for many weeks, however when those many weeks transitioned into many weeks, I decided to create a more comfortable labor environment. With my partner working from beach house as well as my teenagers doing online schooling, every square inch of our residing space was taken. The only other venue for myself and others to create a comfortable office was in the basement. Thankfully, our basement was already finished. Unluckyly, the basement was typically freezing no matter what time of year it was. Nobody ever used the basement even though it was finished, because the air was too cold. Now that I was going to make it my office, I decided to invest in a ductless mini split system; Like the name implies, the ductless plan didn’t fasten to the central air duct, making it straight-forward to install as well as super efficient to run. Whenever I woke up in the afternoon, I went into the basement as well as turned the heat on with the small remote; By the time I was done getting ready for the day, the basement would be nice as well as warm. I would spend all day working in my heated basement separate from any interruptions because of the ductless mini split system. I wish I had installed the ductless mini split plan years before.

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