Ductwork in the bar drips and hits my head

My friends always want to go to this same bar every time we go out. The bar is right near all of our apartments. They have cheap drinks and good music. I just don’t like that I get dripped on. The bar runs their air conditioning unit no matter what time of year it is. This is because in Summer AC is necessary due to the outdoor heat. In the Winter, the people cram inside the bar and the boyd heat is intense. The body heat warrants the use of cooling. Heat naturally rises and the warm air rises to touch the exposed air ducts. The ductwork is cold and the air is hot that touches it. Cool and hot gas makes a liquid, condensation. The condensation then drips off the ductwork and falls onto the heads of the people at the bar. Nobody else seems to be bothered by the dripping HVAC ducts. But, I absolutely hate getting a wet head, shoulders and feet. There are other bars around that have ductwork that is in their ceiling. The bar we go to is just lazy and put the ductwork right out in the open. It is cheaper and a quicker install. But, now the bar patrons suffer. You think that somebody would have warned the bar owner the downsides of exposed ductwork when you run AC all year. Maybe he does know and doesn’t care that we all have wet heads. Stupid, wet ductwork. They should have went with a ductless mini split air conditioner installed. No air ducts and still has great cooling power.

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