Ductwork issues in vintage home:

My older home is quite dear to me. I love it’s vintage look and it’s cozy size. Yes it is not a mansion, and no it does not have the look of many modern homes. However, that’s exactly what I enjoy most about it! It’s much easier to furnish with antique furniture fitting so well in each of the rooms. My drapes of course also carry the theme perfectly as well. Also, because of its smaller size, it is much cheaper to maintain and requires much less work in doing so. However, it’s age can still be an issue for certain other things. You see, I am used to a very low energy bill. My heating and cooling costs are minimal due to the smaller size of my home. Regardless, I noticed a few months ago, for some reason, my cooling costs started to increase. I am a creature of habit, and each month my energy usage is typically about the same each month. Since I rarely adjust the thermostat, I began to wonder. What was even stranger to me was that my living room seemed to be warmer than my bedroom. It furthermore made little sense to me that the air conditioning would be working in one room and not in the other. It is not like I have an HVAC zone control system in my home. Either way, I figured I would call an HVAC service technician because I figured that something was wrong in that regard. Sure enough the ductwork became loose. It was no problem for the heating and cooling specialists and the problem is now no more. Once again, I am back to fully loving my little home.

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