Ductwork problems

I work in an old office building, where the indoor air is often polluted with dust. Last year, I went through several bottles of furniture spray and dust repellent. Our computer air vents are always covered in toxic substances. The HVAC duct work has never been cleaned, and I have been working in the office building for 12 years. In fact, we might even have the heating system from my early days in the clerical office. I can’t begin to imagine the type of mold and mildew that could be lurking inside of the A/C duct work. Last week, I called the HVAC company to schedule a repair. The A/C ductwork seemed to be making some strange sounds in the break room. We could hear some metal sounds behind the wall, and it seemed to come from the ductwork. The HVAC company was here yesterday to make the scheduled repairs. They had to cut part of the wall, to find the ductwork issue. They removed six feet of drywall, and finally found the problem. The HVAC technician was on property for half of the day, before they fixed our office building ductwork issues. While they were working on our problem, they noticed a great deal of build up inside of the ductwork. The HVAC technician suggested that we have a thorough cleaning performed. I think cleaning the ductwork will really help our indoor environment, and I hope my boss will pay for the service. We are currently waiting for the approval, but it doesn’t look good. He usually responds on the same day, if he is delivering good news.

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