Ductwork right above the burner

I just use my burners sparingly and wipe the air duct any opportunity I get

The locationment of my air duct is so stupid, and whatever Heating and Air Conditioning business set up it up obviously was not a chef… I have an air vent opening right above my stove. If I put anything on the stove burners, steam rising up and goes into the air vent, but the smells then waft all through the air duct and every room in the new home smells care about what I am cooking. It would be okay for care about an hour, and but, the cooking smell lingers in our indoor air pollen levels for hours! Smelling roast beef, pasta or fish for hours afterward is super gross, another issue is the grease and condensation from the steam. These both get into the air vent and stick in there… Frequently I have to wipe out the front of the air vent since there is mold all over it. Then I have to take the front off and do my own form of air duct cleaning. The grease makes it so sticky and gross in there. I don’t want the heating and cooling idea to turn on and that gross stuff to be in my air quality. What can I do about air duct locationment though? I can’t move the stove and I can’t move the air duct. I just use my burners sparingly and wipe the air duct any opportunity I get. I do not like it though. It makes cooking not fun anymore and regularly involves a ton of work afterwards. What Heating and Air Conditioning business did not know about the stove burners when doing the replacement? When the AC is on, that tepid steam makes so much water that it literally drips on me.



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