Dueling Thermostats

Today my husband took the day off work to spend the day with me Christmas shopping. We had to get gifts for all five of our kids, so as you can probably imagine, it was definitely going to take us a while! I do enjoy spending the day with my husband, usually, but today proved to be a little bit annoying. The whole reason was because he and I have very different body temperatures. His body temperature tends to run on the cold side, whereas I’m very hot natured. This always leads to problems for us when it comes to the heating and air conditioning situation in the car when we are riding together. I had on a warm Christmas sweater, and so I was pretty hot this morning. He was just wearing a light sweatshirt and he was freezing. So of course he started up the car heater and began blasting the heating system from the air vents right into my face. By the time we made it out onto the highway, I was sweating like crazy and wishing for some air conditioning. When I reached over to the car thermostat to turn the heating down, he asked me what I was doing, since it was freezing cold inside the car. I told him to look at the sweat dripping down my face and he told me I was a weirdo! I laughed and then I turned on the dual switch for the car’s thermostat system. That way, he could have the heating blowing out through the air vents on his side of the car, but I could have the A/C turned on on my side!

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