Each day I continue to learn

Lately, it seems that all I want to do is sleep.  I told my husband it could be narcolepsy, but he thinks it’s because I don’t sleep well at night.  I toss and turn a lot and I tend to do a lot of snoring. I know that I have allergies and when I go to bed at night, they are even worse.  He has set up a humidifier in the room to help, but he is also looking at getting an air purifier. The air purifier would help to get rid of all of the dust and debris that is in the air.  Maybe without the dust, I would be able to breathe better. With it being winter, we need to have our furnace running all of the time. The average daytime temperature right now, is only twenty-five degrees.  Without the furnace, we would likely freeze to death. The furnace dries out the air, which is why we have the humidifier. I recently got a CPap, which they told me would help with my breathing. The only thing the CPap is doing is making me feel weird and giving me weird lines on my face from the straps.   I do breathe better, but I still snore because of the dust and dirt. The air purifier would get rid of the dust and dirt and I would be able to get rid of the CPap. Whatever the reason for my not sleeping, I hate it because I just don’t feel well. I’m groggy, not getting my work done, and I always feel cold.  The cold is not because the furnace isn’t working properly.

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