Easing into a new phase of life with good HVAC

There is no magic elixir I am sorry to inform you.

The truth is that when the aging starts, you can do stuff to mitigate physical, mental decline. But, you sure won’t stop it or not notice the affects. It’s a universal truth that we all have to come to terms with. However, our culture seems dead set against getting older. I am often horrified by the plastic surgery debacles I see so often. And, it’s very much not just the celebrity set. While I have been doing the least amount of exercising I can get away with in favor of maximum HVAC comfort and my couch, others have not. It never stops to amaze me when I go to these parties I am forced to attend for the business networking value. The parties are lame and just the worst. But, then to see people who I have known for decades show up almost unrecognizable due to too much plastic surgery is staggering. Thank God my wife is just the way she is. She is a beauty but she is aging as a beauty. I have never her even consider doing something cosmetic. I mean she doesn’t even color her hair and never has. I am doing more to try and at least beat back the complete failure of my physical abilities. I still want to play golf and tennis, not to mention run around with my grandkids. So, I put in a home gym and a dedicated ductless HVAC unit. The HVAC is so I don’t have the excuse of temperature discomfort. Actually, the new HVAC has been a bit of a motivator for me to work out.


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