Easy persuasion

Having a hard headed husband can be very frustrating.  He is so stubborn that he will rarely admit when he is wrong and I have to make everything seem like it is his idea in order to get things done.  That is, unless it comes to anything that will save him money. He will go out of his way to save five cents on a gallon of gas, not realizing that he is wasting gas to do so.  For this reason, when it came time to upgrade out appliances it was a fairly easy sell. All the representative had to do was show him the chart and how much he could save on the energy bills and he signed up right away.  The new equipment will cost a small fortune to install but he didn’t seem to mind. All he could think about was the twenty percent savings he was going to be getting long term. We now have a new furnace that is completely controlled by a smart thermostat.  My husband insists on being in charge of the programming and I really don’t mind. I am just happy that he agreed to the upgrade so quickly. I wish I could find a way to have new shoes save us money. At least they save my feelings and mood, that should be good enough for him.  As long as we have been married he has been like this so I should be used to it I guess. I will benefit from the upgrade to the HVAC system as well because the house will be more comfortable and I will settle for that.