Efficient heating

The last time I watched a movie about fixing a house, it was real inspirational, because it went so well.  The excited young couple mixes their paints, lays down the plastic and washes windows. Everything happens as it suppose to without any problem.   They play while they work then drink wine when they are done! My wife Sara and I decided to buy a home to repair with the hope of a perfect remodel.  It was nothing like about a movie fixing up montage! The first problem was, Sara and I are not naturally handy people. The hardest part of the whole ordeal was when we tried to install our central air system. The house already had the HVAC ducts in place. We just needed to connect, mount and install the system.  Stella ended up dropping her half and dented the unit because it was way heavier than we thought it would be. Mounting the AC unit was not an light work either. We did not have the right equipment plus I don’t believe it looks real secure. Finally, linking the HVAC duct to the cooling system was like trying to learn Chinese in a day. I looked at pictures online, watch a lot of videos and tried to use all the natural ability I had. Stella still thinks I did it wrong, I like to think I did good enough. Our cooling system works. We get A/C in every room of the house. The unit looks like it shouldn’t work and makes a super loud noise when used. My wife says this is because we made too many mistake. I am willing to let the noise go since I don’t want to mess with replacing the A/C system again. I know we did good enough for being an everyday couple, rather than a movie couple. Our montage would have been truly sad.

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