Electric blanket keeps me cosy

I live in an older house, which is code for my winters are very expensive. While I’m lucky to have a gas boiler, I can tell the house really needs to be gone over for insulation issues. However, I can’t just go tromping around looking for gaps in the windows outside or the roof; it’s already covered in snow out there. I’ve done what I could by putting plastic over all of the windows. This has definitely helped cut down on the gas boiler cycling somewhat, but I can tell there is still a draft because I’m cold in certain rooms of the house all of the time. While most folks would get a space heater, I’m hesitant to do so because of the age of the house. A lot of the rooms don’t have grounded outlets, which means that the wiring in there is probably pretty old. This house was built in the 20s, so honestly some of the wiring could very well be nearly a hundred years old. So, instead of getting a space heater, I bought an electric blanket on sale over the holidays. It’s kind of like the stuff they put under your subfloor to make electric heated floors in a house, but instead its contained in a nice soft blanket. When I want to curl up in a book in the pretty and vintage reading room, I can just plug in the heated blanket and pick the heat setting that works best for me. Unlike a space heater, the electric blanket doesn’t draw nearly as much power, so I’m not worried about damaging the wiring with the wattage.

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