Electric problems have me nervous

I had the weirdest thing happen last week, and it has me nervous for the state of my rental home. One of my housemates went to turn on her computer, and it wouldn’t respond. We tried plugging the power strip into a different outlet, and no response. Finally, she and I went down to the basement to check the breaker. We expected to see a blown fuse; our old house does this all the time. But there wasn’t one. We tried plugging a phone charger that we knew to work into every outlet on that wall, but nothing worked until we passed the corner. Finally, as a last ditch, we tried the outside let, whose switch is also on that well–it didn’t turn on. I had a really terrible though, and when I walked around the house I sadly had it confirmed. One of the vents to the attic that’s in the overhang of the house has been chewed open big enough for a squirrel to get in. We don’t even have access to the attic–only the landlord has the key. We’re now worried that an animal has gotten into damage the HVAC too. The tag on the oil furnace says it hasn’t been inspected in three years, so there’s no telling what shape its in. Finally I had to call my landlord for both an electrician and an HVAC contractor to inspect the oil furnace. Of course he’s giving me the run around, but I told him if it’s a chewed line in a house this old, that could mean sparking which could lead to a fire. He finally agreed, and now we have a central heating service provider coming by on Monday, and the electrician will arrive by Friday.

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