Embarrassing Garage at Least Smells Better with New Ventilation.

Man pride is a really funny thing.

I don’t care how sensitive or evolved we think we are, we’re still stupid men.

Let’s just admit it. I do stuff and feel ways that are totally foreign to my personality but completely fitting to my gender. The garage is a great example or this dynamic at work. When we first bought this house, I was so geeked up to have a two car garage. It was the first place I had ever owned with state of the art HVAC and a two car garage. I always wanted to be able to park the nice car in the garage and then use the rest of the space for neatly storing other gear. I could hang bikes and park lawn equipment but still have my wife park her car in the garage. There was something so manly good about having that picture in my head. Garage was man world. And then, it wasn’t. Soon, there was so much other junk getting tossed in the garage that the good car wouldn’t even fit. The junk stored in our garage was also full of VOC’s which just made the entire garage reek when mixed with sports gear and lawnmower stuff. It was horrible and I felt a weird sense of angst. No longer could I whip the garage door up and leave it up with great man pride. I was now such a wimp that I couldn’t even manage my own garage. The door stayed down out of shame that some other real man might actually see it. So, I slapped myself and did something. My first step was to put in an exhaust vent so I can at least breathe while I attempt to right this ship.



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