Emergency HVAC

Trying to remember every little thing can be pretty difficult.  I have a written calendar, the calendar on our cellphone, and even an auto-reminder scheduling app that I use on my tablet… Somehow, I can still forget certain things, but of course juggling home, a job, and boys tends to make life a bit crazy at times.  The last thing I have free time to do is anything to do with house upkeep and maintenance. When our husband left me years ago and I was left on our own to raise the boys most of the house stuff got pushed to a back burner. Staying house to wait for a contractor to come clean the filters and service the furnace was the last thing I even had time to do.  This meant that it took the gas furnace giving up the ghost on a frosty Winter time night to make myself and others spend money attention. When every one of us woke up early to a frosty house and I had no way to get ahold of someone to repair it immediately I was very scared because the boys were frosty and I easily didn’t have somewhere to take them. My good friend gave to keep them for the rest of the night and I sat waiting for an emergency repair contractor.  He said that if I had taken the time to care for the plan over the last few years I particularly would have avoided the breakdown to begin with. I asked him if there was a maintenance program that I could sign up for that could automatically stressed maintenance appointments. He said that they were having a discounted specials for anyone who signed up for a multi-year plan. He said that if I signed up while I was in this visit it would make the emergency appointment cost a lot less too.  I didn’t hesitate for a second. Now, I never have to try and remember to have our Heating and Air Conditioning plan looked again.

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