enjoyed sleeping with a/c

No matter what time of year it is, I have always enjoyed sleeping with a fan because I like the sound. It’s not a matter of cooling me down, most of the time, I’ve just grown so accustomed to the sound that it’s hard for me to fall asleep in silence. However, this made it especially difficult for me to sleep when my furnace started to work poorly this past winter. While the furnace was not completely broken, it did not seem to be warming up my home to the full capability. I could hear it running and feel air come out of the vents, but it didn’t seem to be as much air as usual. No matter what I set the thermostat to, my bedroom was still freezing. I struggled to sleep because I was shivering. I was so cold that I ended up turning off my fan, but then I couldn’t sleep because there was no noise! I eventually was forced to call my local heating and cooling company. They told me that there was an issue with only a few specific ducts, it just happened to involve the ducts that reached my bedroom. Lucky for me, this was a problem he was able to fix. The ducts had gradually gotten blocked with debris, so I didn’t even notice for a while that there was an issue. I was turning up the thermostat settings to compensate for the cool temperature. This meant that I was wasting energy and in turn, spending too much on utility bills. While I wasn’t thrilled when I had to pay for the heating and cooling repairs, my mood didn’t last long. Once I saw how much of a difference the repair made on my energy usage, I realized I was going to make up for the money I spent by the money I saved on utility bills. Best of all, I can sleep comfortably with my fan, no matter what the weather’s like outside!

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