Enjoying my friend’s air conditioner

I love playing outside in the warm Summer air plus cool breeze. I get home in the early evening when the sun starts to hide on the horizon. One of the most beautiful things about having so many friends in our neighborhood is that I consistently have a nice idea of what I want to do each afternoon. There are many houses and kids on our street. Many of them told me I am lucky to be an only child. But, I did like going to other kids places and experiencing the cooling equipment. My friend carrie for instance had a great device. She had Heating & A/C vents on her floor. One of them was right beside an outdated chair nobody used except me… Her Dad was not actually fond of me being so comfortable in his home, although I never let that slow me down. I would remember the air conditioner on a hot day. I would then run down the block plus head straight to her house. I would kick off my shoes as the cold air rushed into my body. I could get chills for the first time in the summer. The best idea was having my own chair next to that vent. I loved putting my toes over the vent cover when the cooling component was running plus letting the cool air dry my sweaty toes off. I would run inside after hearing the outside component start up. This was especially a fun thing to do after swimming in the pool for awhile.


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